That’s Entertainment

Despite the cheesy reference in the title of this blog to my favorite musical, entertainment is part of the reason fans come to the ballpark. Besides the action on the field, the Ballpark Entertainment Department strives to make a fan’s experience at Minute Maid Park memorable. From El Grande video display, to the ribbon boards, and even the train, the BPE staff manages many parts of the action around the stadium.

Senior Director of Creative Services, Kirby Kander leads the department with Director of Ballpark Entertainment, Brock Jessel. With their staff, they create Astros commercials on TV, the video clips and the animations seen on El Grande and the ribbon boards, along with many other duties.

Information Display and Entertainment Association (IDEA) has recognized much of the work done by the Astros’ BPE Department through the Golden Matrix Awards. For the past five years, they have received the Best Overall Video Display in Baseball award, in addition to many other awards. A complete list can be found here.

After spending regular business hours creating the videos, they bring in game day staff members to help run the show each night. The staff includes a technical director (whose job is much like the one I met in this post), cameramen, people to bring up information on several different computers, a statistician, as well as many others. Browse through the pictures below for a peek into some of the jobs.

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