Intern Interview #11

Today’s Intern Interview is with Mattie Marion. This is her second summer with the Astros, and she is working with the Sponsorship department. She also helped make my Saucy Sprint experience possible.

Name: Mattie Marion
School: Baylor University
Major: Sports, Sponsorship & Sales, and Marketing
Hometown: Bellaire, TX

RF: Tell me one thing you have learned.
MM: One thing I have learned is how to stay organized and keep track of the smallest details. This is important in sponsorship fulfillment, because the littlest things can build a strong relationship with sponsors.

RF: What has been your favorite experience so far?
MM: This is my second summer to intern with the Astros, and my favorite thing so far has been shooting the 2011 Pet Calendar. I was able to be there for the shooting where I played with several puppies, I worked on the final layout, and after I came back for this summer, I saw the final printed product in the Team Store

RF: Do you have advice for anyone looking to intern with a sports organization?
MM: Interning is a must. It is a great experience and is the best way to get your foot in the door in sports. It puts you miles ahead of others applying for jobs.

RF: Tell me your favorite sports memory.
MM: My most recent favorite memory is when Baylor beat Texas last year in football!


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