Intern Interview #10

Today’s subject is the Urban Youth Academy intern, Ryan Young. He not only coaches at the academy, but helps research new areas for the academy to target, plans events, and designs some of the promotional materials. Here is a post I wrote not too long ago about the Urban Youth Academy.

Name: Ryan Young

School: University of Loyola-Chicago

Major: Business

Hometown: New Berlin, WI

Rachel Frey: Tell me one thing you have learned.

Ryan Young: I have learned how to work with, and manage, 75 different personalities through my work with the young players. I have learned to gear them to have a good attitude and be a team member.

RF: What has been your favorite experience so far?

RY: Over the last two weeks, I’ve put together five proposals for events, and researched market development ideas for the Urban Youth Academy, such as a Career Development opportunity for the players in high school, and an Urban Youth Academy Career Conference we would like to start in the near future.

RF: Do you have advice for anyone looking to intern with a sports organization?

RY: Be prepared for personal and professional challenges. If you are an intern, you need to realize your tasks are set by your supervisors. However, if you finish your tasks, they will be open to letting you branch out and explore new tasks and opportunities, which are the exact moments you’ll need to take advantage of.

RF: Tell me your favorite sports memory.

RY: High School Men’s Volleyball is huge where I am from. In my conference, we had 10 teams- eight of which were on the Top Ten list for the state. We went three years without winning a conference game, but then we finally won a game in conference—a sweep! Our coach went running around the gym with a broom like a mad man. It was like winning a championship to us.


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