Intern Interview #6

My next intern interview subject is Greg McMillin, the Media Relations intern. He’s better known as my co-star, the Fire Sauce packet in the Saucy Sprint video I posted last week on Alyson’s Footnotes.

Name: Greg McMillin

School: Vanderbilt University

Major: Economics, Minor in Spanish

Hometown: Madison, MS

Rachel Frey: Tell me one thing you have learned.

Greg McMillin: I can’t say I have learned just one thing—it is a whole experience. The exposure to a major league team is great and I have learned a lot about the inner workings and day-to-day activities

RF: What has been your favorite experience so far?

GM: Attending the introductory press conference of Jim Crane. It was exciting to see the welcoming of the new era.  

RF: Do you have advice for anyone looking to intern with a sports organization?

GM: Be persistent—you never know what opportunity may arise. Exhaust all options, because sooner or later, something will open up that is right for you. It took me three years to get an internship with a major league team.

RF: Tell me your favorite sports memory.

GM: It is September 27, 2008 when Ole Miss defeated Florida 31-30.


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